There are seven rooms, each with a.

Extra beds can be put in if there is a slightly larger group.
We also offer tents, which can be pitched on the ground if a group so desires.

All rooms face the river. There is a view of the river and forest from each room and dining hall.

Each room has its own attached toilet and shower with hot water.

All rooms are equipped with ceiling fans (no need for AC as it is in the mountains). Room heaters are available in the winter.


In the photogallery you can see some impressions of our rooms.

Room rate

      –  five rooms on ground floor 1600 INR, which includes breakfast  [± € 25,- / USD 26,)

        Two Rooms first floor cost-1600INR without Breakfast [ ± € 25,- / USD 26,-)
    –   Room without breakfast is 1400 INR [± € 20,- / USD 22,-]
    –   Extra beds cost 550 INR each [± € 8,- / USD 9,-]
   –   Lunch and dinner are available, but cost extra

   – water available free 

We try to provide only organic food.  Since we are close to the villages, we make every effort to purchase our food supplies from the villagers.  Of course, if this is not available, then we purchase from the market.

We are developing a herb and vegetable garden on the grounds, and guests are invited to become actively involved if gardening is their interest.

Anand-Ganga is a non-smoking and alcohol-free environment.

Laundry facilities are available on request.