Experience kirtan at Anand Ganga

In addition to learning and practicing yoga at Anand Ganga,  you could take experience the Kirtan (music) style of group spiritual activity. Krishnaji usually plays the harmonium instrument, and encourages guests to join the singing of devotional and folk songs.

Immerse yourself into the spiritual ambiance provided by mother Nature at Anand Ganga, and the people of Gharwal, you will feel truly alive. 

Here we are posting a couple of impromptu recordings of Krishnaji’s kirtans with guests at Anand Ganga.

The first song, titled ‘Bramha kamal’, is about a species of flower native to the Himalayas, found at an altitude of around 4500 m. The song talks about how a Bramha Kamal always has a another species of flower growing nearby, the Ramjayana. 

The second song, titled ‘Ganga Maii’ sings praise to the river mother Ganga, which brings life to all who depend on her. 

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