Visiting in and around Uttarkashi


Anand-Ganga is situated on the bank of the Ganga.  There is beautiful nature all around the guest house, and villages close by.  The Uttarkashi region has long been known as a spiritual centre.  There are many temples and many renowned swamis (spiritual gurus) in the area.  Some places you can visit:Gangotri Temple

  • Temples in Uttarkashi town:  Shiv, Shakti, Hanuman, Krishna, Parshuram, Mahishasurmardani, Durga, Kali, Kaleshwar Mhadev, Kuteti Devi
  • Gangotri Temple in Gangotri
  • Yamunotri Temple in Yamunotri
  • Nangini Tample near Nachiket lake
  • Kelapeer near Uttarkashi
  • Gufa (sadhu’s cave) in Devidhar, Bonga
  • Gangaji Temple (in winter) in Mukhva village
  • Vimleshwar temple


For people who are interested in hiking and trekking, there are many lakes, meadows and mountain villages nearby.  There are hikes to:Nachiketa Tal

  • Natchiket Tal (a beautiful lake high in the mountains)
  • Khattukal Village (a village hugging the sides of the mountain)
  • Singurney Village (village temple and nice view of the mountain and Ganga)
  • Bonga Village to Sankurna
  • Shikreshwar circle around Uttarkashi (beautiful view of Uttarkashi town and seven Himalaya snow peaks)
  • Iwanee village
  • Ayana Devi
  • Sangamchatti (here we can take bath in a river)
  • Malla Devi
  • Vemleshwar temple
  • Gorsali village (beautiful view of Himalaya)
  • Gangnani (relax in the hot springs)
  • Nangini temple


As well, there are treks available lasting from two to eight days.Gomukh Tapovan glacier

  • Gaumukh, Tapovan glacier, the source of the Ganga river (4 days)
  • Dayara Bugyal (meadows) 3-4days
  • Dodital Lake (3 days)
  • Sahstra Tal (Thousand Lake) (8 days)
  • Dodital to Yamunotri  (6 days)
  • Dayara to Dodital  (5 days)
  • Barsu village (2 days)
  • Hari ki Doon (6 days)
  • Mandan Vitti (2 days)
  • Seven lakes in Dharali (3 days)
  • Lakha Mandal (2 days)

All day hikes and trekking are organized by local Experts.


Other attractionsNehru Institue of Mountaineering

  • The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering in Uttarkashi town, which offers world class training in mountaineering. The first Indian woman who climbed Mount Everest, Miss Bachendri Pal, is from Uttarkashi and did all her training at the NIM.  The first woman in the world who climbed Mountain Everest twice also did her training at NIM
  • Shopping in Uttarkashi town and Dunda village – brass and copper items, locally-made woolens, khadi clothing, regional silver and gold jewellery
  • Dhanari dam, Joshiyara and Maneri Dam

Village stayGharhwali Village

We can arrange village stays or simply a walk to and around a typical Garhwali village, with lunch or dinner made with purely organic produce (a fee will be charged for village stays with meal)

Local songs and Dances are organized by demand for a fee.

Cultural activities

  • Learn Hindi or Garhwali
  • Learn Bhajans, Chants, folk sings or musical instruments (harmonium, drum)
  • Have your horoscope read
  • Participate in local agricultural activities (planting, harvesting, threshing)
  • Participate in local festivals songs and dances all round the year:

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